About Demo Reels

Demo reels are sometimes the first introduction for an actor to have a chance at a potential cast position with a director, casting director, or producer. Because you never get a second chance at a first impression, your demo reel needs to present you with your best performances in the shortest possible time. No gimmicks, no eye candy, no home movies, just solid performance with professional quality images and audio in about 3 minutes, sometimes in only a minute.

Demo reels are custom edited with care and creativity to present you at your best in your craft with my ability in editing, color correction, audio clean up, and proper graphics. Many examples and styles can be found below. Actors and references are more than happy to provide feedback on their experience and quality of their reels.

The average time to produce an initial demo reel is about 3 hours (plus or minus an hour depending upon if the source material has been prescreened by the actor for location times). This is the time to upload, edit, make audio, exposure and color corrections, render, trancode, and burn. Reels are completed in one day with a DVD master, copies and a link to the internet for others to review. The standard hourly rate for editing is 45/hr (or 135.00 for the three hours), however actors are given a discount to 30/hr making the first reel roughly 90.00 for three hours.

To save time and money, it is best to review and mark down the locations of clips you would like to use in your reel. If you are unsure about what clips may work, I would be happy to review the material off the clock at a time scheduled a week before the edit session.

Edit sessions are made by appointment. Time slots are available to create or update your reel starting Monday through Friday. For Weekends, other times, or expedited reels, please call as soon as possible for special arrangements 817.217.8128.

Please contact me to talk about your demo and what materials you will need to produce a professional demo reel. reels@demosaccess.com

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Currently there are 311 demo reels stored on this site.


Eric Hanson

Dana Brumley

Dillon Vineyard

Angela Wilson

Emily Belknap

Aaron Carolina

Stephanie Rhodes

Nicci Hejnar

Brady Scott

[2 min] [1 min]

Maurié Chandler

Monét Chandler

Brady Scott

[3 min] [1 min]

Gracie Grenier

Libby Villari

[Extended] [1 min]

Logan Thomas

Xiomara Bermudez
[1 min]

Kevin Kepple
[1 min]

Matthew Downs

[2 min] [Comm]

Michelle Sherrill

[3 min] [1 min]

Kenneisha Thompson

Gregory Alan Cooke

Samantha Thomson

Rebekah Turner

[2 min] [Comm]

Patty Parker Mathes

[2 min] [Comm]

Taylor Tippins

Amber Rainey

Megan Lane

Scarlette Martin

Madison David

Don Kruizinga

Jillian Estell

Mary Walker

Jessica Willis

Cherie Mendez

Madison Gilbert

Kimberly Gail Williams

[2 min] [1 min]

Kerry McCormick

Gary Schnitzer

[2 min] [1 min]

Kara Rainer

[2 min] [1 min]

Matt Beene

[2 min] [1 min]

Ross Hughes

Nene Nwoko

Tanasha Friar

Joy Millard

Devion Camp

[1 min] [2 min]

Marty Ezelle

[1 min] [Comm]

Jamie Dugger

Janice Hughes

Tim Newkirk

[4 min] [1 min]

Nicole Samudio

[2 min] [1 min]

Nick Pernokas

Sharice Chasi

Krishma Trejo

[2 min] [VO]

David Eaton

[2 min] [1 min]

Jeremy Schwab

Carolyn Wickwire

Isaac Smith

[2 min] [1 min]

Kelly O'Neil Jackson

[2 min] [1 min]

Rachael Webb

[2 min] [1 min]

Steve Sinofsky

Bo Myers

[2 min] [1 min]

Lisha Brock

[2 min] [1 min]

Freddy Garcia

[2 min] [1 min]

Jodie Moore

Lynn Andrews III

Anne Lockhart

Larissa Dawn


[3 min] [Host]

Robin Attaway

Garrett Schenck

[3 min] [1 min]

Kevin Saunders

Ka Beesler

Robin Read

[3 min] [1 min]

Stephen Arruda

[2 min] [1 min]

Mila McCoy

[2 min] [1 min]

Richard Olsen

[2 min] [1 min]

Sherri Walker

[2 min] [1 min]

Daniel Foster

[2 min] [1 min]

Bob Fanucchi

Sean Brison

Bob Olsen
[1 min]

Patricia Bell
[1 min]

Brandi Andrade

[3 min] [1 min]

Deborah Jones
[1 min]

Richie Haratine

Kyle Dupree

Seni Zeqaj

[2 min] [1 min]

Zion Szot

[2 min] [Film] [Comm]

Robert Szot

[2 min] [Film] [Comm]

JB Edwards

[2 min] [1 min]

Stephanie Swanson

Ashley Felkner

[2 min] [1 min]

Buck Taylor

[2 min] [1 min]

J Taylor

[3 min] [1 min]

Akai Draco

Bill Flynn

Chris Whatley

Sandy Baumann

[1 min] [2 min]

Rebekah Kennedy

[1 min] [3.5 min]

Al Dias

[3 min] [1 min]

Lesley Pedersen

Monica Peña
[ 1 min ]

Connie Doyle

[2 min] [1 min]

Ashley Wilkerson

[2 min] [1 min]

Frankie Dietz

Gail Cronauer

Antonella Munoz

John Walpole

[2 min] [1 min]

Eric Matsko

Tina Dixon

Melissa McCurley

James Burleson
[1 min]

Julie Osborne

[2 min] [1 min]

Michael Cannizzo

Eric Boggs

Chloe Moores

Mckenna Grace

Chad Evans

[2 min] [1 min]

Lance Eakright

Tamara Frewen

Nathan Castaneda

Nadine Marissa

Sharon Garrison

[ 3 min ] [ 1 min ]

Zack Young

Tom Marcantel

Trinity Matthews

Spencer Harlan

Tamara Goodwin

Allen Warchol

Dennis O'Neill

[3 min] [1 min]

Pablo Esparza

James Carroll

[3 min] [1 min]

Joy Ingram

Jena Waldron

[3 min] [Comm]

Khadijah Karriem

Mary Lang

Shawn Stasiak

Juli Erickson

Bryan Hardy

Denise Lee

Uryon Adams

Tiffany Lonsdale

[3 min] [1 min]

Juila Self

Susana Gibb

Terry Kiser

[3 min] [1 min]

Andrew Sensenig

[Drama] [Comedy]

Aqua Lee


[4 min] [1 min]

Greg Ingram

Tatiana Balazs

Matt Bailey

Damien Kane

Daniel Sanchez

[Drama] [Action]

Maeghan Albach

Angela Gair

Drew Waters

Nicole Reagan

Terry Spector

Drew Anselmo

Gayle Massey

Jesse Cortez

Mandel Hill

Niko Red Star

Bryan Pitts

Brad Hartliep

Tom Young

Bryan Christopherson

Marcus M Mauldin

[Film] [TV & Radio]

Melody Brooke

Lela Bell

Sherri Small

Yvonne Valdez-Ulrich

Kayla Bowman

Brandi Price

Jordan K Spradley

Jeff Fenter

[3 min] [1 min]

Burton Gilliam

Brandie Riggs

Mario Mims

Shawn Arani

Eduardo Velazquez

[2 min] [1 min]

Joel Lane Hudgins

Michael Gomez

Grant James

Phillip Davis


Christine Kiefer

M Legend Brown

Ray N Hosack