Audition Videos for casting submissions

Be prepared to audition off book. Audition videos are sometimes requested by casting to help save time and expense for both casting and the actors. You need to be prepared just as you would for a live audition. The video contains a slate of your name, agent, what role you are auditioning, a full body shot and the scenes from the sides.

It is very important to send or bring the submissions specifications. Casting is very detailed as to have to name the files, maximum size, file format, where the slate is to be placed or if the slate and scenes are separate files.

Bring a copy of the sides to have someone read with you or I will be happy to read with you. Typically it takes about an hour to shoot, transfer, edit, compress and upload the video to a download server for a two page audition. Cost is 35 for initial character audition taping. Multiple auditions for different casting during the same session can be produced for 15 for each additional character. (i.e. audition for two characters 50 same submission, audition for two characters on two different submissions 50)

To schedule or have questions on auditions:
call or text 817.217.8128 or email

Click here for example of audition video quality


Pay Pal link for VIDEO AUDITION SERVICES - ($35.00)