About Scene Videos for demo reels

Demo Reels contain clips from performances that you as an actor have been casted for in a production.
But if you are just starting out in your acting career, no work is available to put into a reel.
So what do you do?

Many of the local colleges and universities have film and television production classes that cast for parts in their projects. If you are lucky enough to be cast in a student production, you will usually receive a DVD of the production or a disk of your scenes. This usually takes a semester or two or even a year to receive, if the student producers or directors follow through on their promises. And unless you asked if their projects is a senior or thesis production, the video, audio and editing quality is... you guessed it... a student production.

Some actors are having scenes or clips shot to add to their reel or even make a whole reel of these “fake” scenes. If you hire someone to fake a scene for you: 1) make very sure that you know what the quality is of their work, 2) if they will supply you with an original scene or script, 3) what the total expected cost is for script writing, make-up, wardrobe, locations, production equipment and crew, post-production editing, music and sound effects, 4) and the finished scene will have the complete look and feel of a real scene, and not just an audition taping that happens to be on a location.

For information on scene videos or schedule an appointment, call 817.217.8128 or email to: reels@demosaccess.com

Examples of a scene clip

Where's Cindy



Joe and Sherry

You No Cook


Wine Bar